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Art Attackkk!

Halifax Theatre for Young People presents:

Art Attackkk!



■     Grade Levels: 2 - 6
■     Duration: 60 min. with question and answer period
■     Cost: $650/1 show, $1000/2 shows
■     Next Booking Dates Available: April 1st – 12th, 2019
■     Website:www.halifaxtheatreforyoungpeople.com
■     Study Guide Available

Three short plays by Nova Scotian playwrights inspired by original Nova Scotian art!  Art Attackk! is a “vibrant and fascinating mix of art and theatre”. This funny and endearing show includes a hip hop musical, the story of an unexpected friendship and a eulogy for a cat! Art Attackk! hits kids where they live and demonstrates that art and creativity can help us understand, accept, and express our emotions and connect with others. “[This} wonderful mix of art and plays helped to inform students of the importance of understanding their feelings and positive connections with others.  I would recommend to any school looking for an engaging presentation for their students.” (Vice-Principal,Cunard Jr. High).

Art Attackkk! addresses the following 3 – 6 Curriculum Outcomes:

  • English Language Arts   *Learn to respond critically to a range of texts, applying their knowledge of language, form and genre.*Interact with sensitivity and respect, considering cultural  contexts, audience, purpose, and situation.*Explore, clarify and reflect upon thoughts and  experiences.

    Health Education

    *Develop awareness that values are an integral part in  making healthy decisions and fostering healthy behaviour

    *Develop awareness of the link between positive   self‐identity and making healthy decisions that affect  relationships and care of self

    Visual Arts

    *Reflect upon and develop respect for art and art making

    *Examine a broad range of artworks through time and cultures

    * Seek personal meaning in  artwork and communicate their discoveries

    *Explore art as a way of expressing ideas and points of view


    *Consider possible consequences of decisions, judgments, and solutions to problems and begin to accept responsibility for actions.

    Halifax’s only full-time, professional theatre for young audiences.
    Creating empathetic, thoughtful young people through the transformative power of theatre since 2009.

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