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Bennet, Jack

Jack BennetDiscipline: Choral
Specialties: General Choir, Experiencing Other Cultures Through Song, Rehearsal Clinics
Region: Halifax
Languages: English

Jack began developing his choral leadership in Mozambique, as the Guest Organizer and Director for the Manda Wilderness Choir Festival. Back in Halifax, in 2013 he founded Emergency Choir Operation, and in 2014 helped to found VOX: A Choir for Social Change. In the spring of 2017, Jack graduated Dalhousie University with a B.A. Honours with Distinction in both Music and Sustainability, where he studied conducting under Christina Murray.

Today, as an emerging conductor in Nova Scotia, Jack is the Artistic Director of the Phoenix Community Choir, the musical lead for The Big Sing, and the Principal Conductor for Polaris and Spira – groups that form Choirs for Change, a new society that has been founded in 2017. He also sits as a member of the Nova Scotia Choral Federation’s Board of Directors.

Inspired by the family campfire singalongs of his childhood, Jack loves working with youth and has a passion for building community around singing.


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