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MacLellan, Natasha

Natasha MacLellan -TheatreDiscipline: Theatre
Specialties: Collective Creation, Improvisation, Playwriting, Theatre Games
Region: Central
Languages: English

Natasha MacLellan is the Artistic Producer of Ship’s Company Theatre, the co-founder of Forerunner Playwrights Theatre and an actor, playwright, dramaturge and director. She has penned nine plays that have seen production, and has a handful more that are waiting in the wings. Natasha received the 2010 Mayor’s Award for Emerging Artist, and the protégé portions of both the Portia White Award and the inaugural Mallory Gilbert Award.

I believe that everyone is creative and that participation in class is the best way to experience that creativity. My classes move through games and exercises quickly, in order to find something for everyone. I am a passionate advocate of the power of theatre to change and move, and enjoy teaching students of any age.