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Quarmyne, Liliona

Specialties: Modern/Contemporary, African, Jazz
Region: Halifax
Languages: English, French

Liliona wears many hats – choreographer, dancer, actor, singer, teacher and facilitator. Trained in contemporary, modern, African, ballet, hip-hop and jazz, she holds a BA in Theatre and an MPhil in African Studies (performing arts focus). Professionally Liliona started performing with Bridgework Theatre in the Midwest United States, and teaching at the Mandy Fouracre Dance Academy in Accra, Ghana. Later, in Montreal, Canada, she danced with Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata and with MamaDances, and began her work with Diane Roberts and the Arrivals Personal Legacy Process. In Nova Scotia, Liliona has taught with the Antigonish Creative Dance Association and through her own Generations in Motion. She is an independent artist, with recent pieces including Resonances of a Warrior Boy, Dressed in Voices, and Tide. For Liliona, the performing arts play a central role in community empowerment, in the development of self-identity, and in deepening our understanding of the human experience.


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