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Red Riding Hood

Presented by Maritime Marionettes

Wolf in forest

  • Grade Levels: Appropriate for all ages, recommended for pre-school to grade 6
  • Duration : 35 min. with optional question and answer period
  • Cost: $500 + HST for one show, $200 + HST for each additional show at the same school, same day
    Note: Maximum 140 students per performance for this production
  • Booking Dates: Available on request during the school season
  • Languages: Performed without words
  • Workshops available by special arrangement:

Introduction to Puppetry for grades 3 and up (1 hr, max 3 per day)
Marionette Making for grades 5 and up (2.5 – 3 hrs, 1 per day)
Please contact coordinator[at]performns.ca for more details.

Story: Darryll Taylor and Heather Taylor
Marionette Design, construction and costume: Heather Taylor and Darryll Taylor

Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood starts through the forest with a basket of goodies for her grandmother. Her goodwill journey is interrupted by a hungry wolf, intent on stealing the basket for himself.

Upon his arrival, the wolf fills grandmother’s home with hilarious commotion.  Grandmother and Red Riding Hood must hide in the wardrobe while the wolf blissfully eats from the basket of goodies.

A tireless hunter and his faithful dog pursue the wolf into the forest. The wolf is chased away by a swooping owl, and a prickly porcupine so Red Riding Hood can return to her home and mother.

This gentle performance draws the audience into a magical world filled with playful music, vivid backdrops, imaginative decor and lifelike marionettes. The thoughtful and “happy ending” version of this classic tale is enchanting for young and old alike.

Performed without words, the enchanting story magically comes to life through the expressive moves of the marionettes accompanied by sweet musical melodies.

Presented on a bridge stage (with the puppeteers hidden from view) which transforms a classroom, library, gym or hall into an intimate theatre for smaller audiences.

Ideal for very young groups and for smaller schools with limited performance space.

Wolf and Red





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