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 I just wanted to express my gratitude for such a wonderful program. Sue (Leblanc) was amazing and opened up our students and teacher’s minds. It is wonderful to see a child’s confidence grow over the course of time. Thanks so much for coordinating this project. It is so worthwhile.

- Sarah Wile (Teacher, Tantallon Elementary School)

We really enjoyed working with Raquel (Duffy) and found her to work extremely well with the kids. She made our show a great success!

James Boyer (Teacher, Beechville Lakeside Timberlea School)

Excellent presentation, students participated in a wonderful learning activity. I am using what I have learned to help students perform Mic Mac Legends.

- Evelyn Cook (Teacher, Coxheath Elementary)

Wonderful job! The kids really picked up some great moves.

Keri Butler (Teacher, JL Ilsley High School)

Amazing learning opportunity. Hope to do this again.

Sara Wile (Teacher, Tantallon Elementary)

A wonderful experience, my students and I learned a great deal! Well prepared and very professional.

Bev Johnstone (Teacher, Le Marchant- St Thomas Elementary)


I never thought I’d ever dance in front of people. It’s hard but felt great and I feel more confident.

- Cheryl (Student, North Colchester High School, CCRSB)

We never did theatre before. It was really great and I learned a lot. I’m going to do more at Neptune Theatre School because I love it now.

- Warren (Student, Park West School, HRSB)

Thanks for knocking out my fear of speaking by myself. I was the narrator in “The Fire Bringer”.

- Morgan (Student, Boularderie Elementary School, CBVRSB)


The workshop was a brilliant success. We did the evaluation forms together some weeks later. What a bonus that turned out to be! I heard from the children about what had remained with them over a length of time. Patrice really made a delightful and positive impression on them. This was such a success, I hope we can build on this in a few years’ time.

- Beth Pineo (Music Teacher, Kingston District School, AVRSB)

 He is BRILLIANT! The kids absolutely loved working with him, and he made Shakespeare accessible for students. (about Lee J Campbell)

- Kelly Curran (Teacher, JL Ilsley High School)

We had a wonderful time learning with Mufaro (Chakabuda). She is energetic and so fun….a gift really!!!

Steve Coats (Teacher, Citadel High School)

Wow! Veronique (Mackenzie) is great with the children, a real pro! Great choreography! Thanks!!

Louise Grinstead (Music Teacher, Sir Charles Tupper School)

Well done! John (Beale) gave us a lot to work on and think about. We now have some good fundamentals to help us get to the next level in our development.

- Michael Johnston (Teacher, John MacNeil School)

Sherry Lee Hunter was great working with the grade 2 and 3 students on physical theatre concepts. Many thanks for offering this program and we certainly will be in touch in September.

- Joanne Santilli (Principal, Sir Charles Tupper School, HRSB)


All presentation and puppet shows were very well done and much appreciated by our children, very informative, very worthwhile.

A.C. MacDonald (Principal, Riverside Elementary)

Excellent- we were absolutely delighted once again!

- Anne J Greer (Chair – Board of Directors, South Shore Waldrof School)

Bill (Wood) was fantastic. The students responded well to him.

- David Zinck (Teacher, Dartmouth High School)

“In the words of my students, “Shakespeare on Trial rocks!” I have had a steady stream of students and staff coming into my classroom expressing their thanks at having been given the opportunity to see this performance.”

- Pugwash District High

Stop Bullying:

Yesterday, Stacey Smith came to our school for a three hour session on Bullying. She was amazing! I would like to thank you for being there and allowing students in a Rural community to be part of something wonderful- a real actor came to our school! Stacey handled a difficult large group with ease and true professionalism. It is sometimes a risk to bring people in to a high school setting, as many people find this age group rather daunting to say the least. Stacey seemed gifted in her ability to handle these teenagers and was able to get the best from a very tough group. Please know that your organization was well represented by her visit and that we really appreciate her fantastic workshop. We will continue to work on the work she started. We look forward to our next visit. This is such an asset to the education system.

- Katherine J. Coutts (English & Drama Teacher, Hants East Rural High School, CCRSB)

Getting the chance to learn about why bullies exist and what I can do to make sure it doesn’t happen at my school was great. I learned a lot. Thanks!

- Jennifer (Student, Scotsburn Elementary, CCRSB)