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Tilley, Sara

Sara TilleyDiscipline: Theatre
Specialties: Clown, Mask, Puppetry
Region: Halifax
Languages: English, French



Sara Tilley’s work bridges writing, theatre, and Pochinko Clown Through Mask technique. After her BFA in Acting at York University, she founded feminist theatre company, She Said Yes!, which she ran from 2002-2016, recieving the Rhonda Payne Theatre Award in 2006.

She has written, co-written or co-created eleven plays to date, as well as two award-winning novels, Skin Room, (Pedlar Press, 2008), and Duke, (Pedlar Press, 2015). Sara trained in Pochinko Clown through Mask with Ian Wallace and Sue Morrison, mentoring with Wallace to become a teacher of this specialized clown method. Her interest in puppetry led her to pursue training with the Old Trout Puppet Theatre and a mentorship with puppet designer Darka Erdelji in Slovenia.

Sara is also director, a designer of masks, puppets, props and costumes, a dramaturg, and one-third of the installation/performance collective, WYRDOS, along with Sarah Smalik and Jamie Tognazzini. More information can be found at saratilley.ca.

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