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Wells, Marcus

Marcus Wells - DanceDiscipline: Dance
Specialties: Hip Hop
Region: Halifax
Languages: English

Marcus Alan Evan Wells, commonly referred to his dance name “Ribs”, began Breaking in 2010 after becoming deeply inspired by his friends at a local Halifax youth group. Ribs soon started going to local practices offered by Concrete Roots, which was founded by Drew Moore in 2009. This new found passion for breaking quickly lead Ribs to a career through dance, competing and practicing the art form across the country and teaching locally.

Competing in competitions from across Canada and Atlantic Canada, as well as teaching classes and workshops across Atlantic Canada. Yet to win a competition Ribs holds strong to his training in hopes of one day winning a competition outside of Atlantic Canada. Possessing an insatiable hunger and motivation like no other, Ribs came up from thin air. He consistently grew strong, constantly surprising those around him, and after a few short years, he is proud to find himself presently among the ranks of the best B-boys in Atlantic Canada. While B-boy Ribs covers the more expressive part of B-boying through his musicality, “Marcus Wells” covers the more serious and technical side of his craft, through actively taking part in the growth of the Atlantic Canadian B-boy community. He began holding his own unforgettable classes in 2012, inspiring the same youth he once was. Last year was Ribs final time holding Floorwars in Atlantic Canada as he got ready to start his journey across Canada and the USA competing in many different competitions.

Website: http://bboyribdominals.wix.com/bboyribdominals