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How It Works

1. Policies

  • Please refer to the Performing Artists or Presenting Policies and Guidelines for detailed descriptions of how PERFORM! works and what is expected from its artists and presenting companies.
  • Please note: For the 2020-21 season, all PERFORM! workshops will be conducted virtually. Artists must have the skills and equipment to work remotely to be engaged. 

2. Eligibility

  • PERFORM! artists must be residents of Nova Scotia and have documented professional experience in their field.
  • Artists are welcome to apply to be on the PERFORM! roster at any time during the year. Each application will be vetted by the PERFORM! Coordinator and the Executive Director of the expert steering organisation for approval. In issues where there are questions or concerns, the application will be brought to the Steering Committee for final approval.
  • Applicants must have a current membership with their applicable steering organisation (Dance Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Choral Federation, or Theatre Nova Scotia).
  • Companies wishing to be part of the Presentation Program must meet with the PERFORM! Coordinator to discuss details and appropriateness of their Presentation

3. Application

  • Interested artists or presenting companies must complete the application form on the website for their desired specialty. If the artist is registering for more than one specialty (i.e. theatre and dance) they must fill out separate forms though they are required to have paid membership to only one steering organization.
  • Interested artists must submit an updates resume and headshot as part of the application. If approved by PERFORM!, these documents will also be used on the website (personal contact information and addresses will be removed).
  • Two professional references are required for all applications.
  • If approved by PERFORM!, a Vulnerable Sector Check and approval from the Child Abuse Registry is required before starting any contract . You will not be allowed to enter the schools without these approvals. They must be renewed every three years.

4. Bookings

  • When a school’s request for a project or presentation gets approved, the Coordinator will check with the artist for interest and availability.
  • Once a suitable artist is lined up he Coordinator will connect via email the artist and the school contact.
  • It is the responsibility of the school contact and the artist or performer to arrange suitable times and dates and work out the specifics of the project.
  • When the schedule is agreed upon the PERFORM! Coordinator will be notified by the artist.

5. Payment

  • Artist wages for PERFORM! are $60/hour.
  • If the artist is required to drive a distance of more than 70 km return you will also be reimbursed for your driving time at a rate of $18/hour.
  • Should the artist be required to use their own vehicle to drive to the workshops and the distance covered is more than 70 km return, they will be reimbursed for mileage at a rate of $0.45 per km.  The number of trips eligible for reimbursement per workshop or residency must be approved by the PERFORM! Coordinator.
  • In the event that an artist has to make repeated visits to the same school to fulfill their long term residency obligations and the visits are scheduled for less than the 3 hour minimum recommended per session, the total mileage will be paid superseding the minimum 70 km round trip policy.
  • In the event that multiple artist are being sent to the same school for the same sessions, when possible in terms of geographic location, one artist will be deemed the driver for the others and only that artist will be paid the mileage for travel. Exceptions to this rule would be if an artist requires their own vehicle to transport gear as requested for the activity.
  • Performance rates vary and are set by the performance companies in conjunction with the PERFORM! Coordinator.
  • In order to receive payment, an artist must complete the payment claim form. The artist must bring the payment claim form to the final hour of teaching and have the teacher or other school representative sign the form. The artist must them submit the signed form directly to PERFORM! before payment can be processed.
  • For projects of 10 hours or fewer, the artist must complete the total project hours and fill out the evaluation and payment claim form before payment can be issued.
  • For projects of more than 10 hours, payment can be issued when half the total hours are complete. In this case, the artist must fill out two payment claims for the total payment of the project.
  • In the case of residencies of 30 – 60 hours, the artist can submit the payment claim forms in increments of 10 or higher as desired.
  • Payments will be issued by direct deposit twice monthly.
  • Please do not call the office looking for payment unless more than two weeks has transpired and your payment has not been received.