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Performing Artist Policies and Guidelines

Artist Eligibility

PERFORM! artists will have documented professional experience in their field. Artists must be Nova Scotian residents.

Artists may apply to be on the PERFORM! roster at any time during the year. Each application will be vetted by the PERFORM! Coordinator and the Executive Director of the expert steering organization, including reference checks. In issues where there are questions or concerns, the application will be brought to the Steering Committee  for final approval.

After Approval for the PERFORM! Program
After Approval by PERFORM! the Artist must show proof of a Vulnerable Sector Check (cost $50) from the police and arrange for clearance from the Child Abuse Registry (free). These forms must be on file with PERFORM! before the artist can go into a school to work and will be shared with the schools as requested. These approvals must be renewed every three years.

Vulnerable Sector Check: Either go online to this link http://www.backcheck.net/halifax/ (make sure you do the Vulnerable Sector not the Criminal check), or you can go to the police station and ask for a Vulnerable Sector Check for teaching in the schools and show your ID and they will process you and send you a copy. Either way it costs $50.

The child abuse registry form is at http://novascotia.ca/coms/families/abuse/documents/CAR-4001_Request_for_Search_Form_A.pdf  You fill it out , scan or photocopy an official piece of ID (driver’s license, health card or passport) and mail it in or drop it at 5675 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax at the Dept of Community Services. Then they send you a letter. If you drop it at Spring Garden and tell them there is a rush on it you usually can pick it up within a few days. It is free.

Once these are complete you need to scan them and send them to by email or drop them at the office. They are valid for our purposes for three years from the time they were issued.

Removal of Artists from PERFORM! Program
An Artist may be removed from the PERFORM! Program at any time:

  1. at the Artist’s request,
  2. if they do anything deemed by the Steering Committee to jeopardize or compromise the PERFORM! Program or its participants,
  3. if they cease to be eligible.

Artist payment:

In order to receive payment the Artist must complete the payment claim form. Artists must bring the evaluation and payment claim form to their final hour of teaching and submit it to the teacher to sign. The artist returns the signed form to the PERFORM! Coordinator so payment can be issued. Payments are issued on the 15th and final day of each month by direct deposit. Forms need to be submitted by five days prior to these dates. Please do not call the office asking about status of payment until at least two weeks has gone by. 

In projects of 10 hours or fewer, an artist must complete the total project hours and fill out the evaluation and payment claim before payment can be issued.

For projects of  more than 10 hours, payment can be issued when half of the total hours are complete. If the artist wishes to be paid midway through the project, he/she must fill out two payment claims for the total payment of the project.

In the case pf residencies of 30 – 60 hours the artist can request multiple payments as long as each claim is for the completion of at least 10 hours. 

Artist Travel Costs

PERFORM! appreciates our artists efforts to bring the performing arts to students throughout the province. Therefore, PERFORM! assists with the cost of artist travel to and from a project site.

Artists will be reimbursed for travel at a rate of 45 cents per kilometre when traveling distances greater than 70 kms round trip from their point of origin as determined by Google Maps.

In the event that an artist has to make repeated visits to the same school to fulfill their long term residency obligations and the visits are scheduled for less than the 3 hour minimum recommended per session, the total mileage will be paid superseding the minimum 70 km round trip policy.

In the event that multiple artist are being sent to the same school for the same sessions, when possible in terms of geographic location, one artist will be deemed the driver for the others and only that artist will be paid the mileage for travel. Exceptions to this rule would be if an artist requires their own vehicle to transport gear as requested for the activity.

When an artist is required to travel more than 70 km round trip, PERFORM! will pay travel hours at a rate of $18 per hour based on Google maps travel times. Note: This will be paid only on workshops and residencies that are being done independent of a performance.

Should the workshop or residency require the artist to travel to a school located more than 300 km from their home base PERFORM! will provide suitable overnight accommodation and a food per diem of $60 per day. Note: This will be paid only on workshops and residencies that are being done independent of a performance.

Artists Materials

The Artist should request any materials necessary directly from the school where they are working. This can be added into the school billing as required. PERFORM! is not responsible for the cost of materials incurred personally by artists for PERFORM! projects.

Artist Replacement

Artists are requested to make every effort to fulfill their commitment to a project. However, when a replacement is required whether for a segment or the full project, it is the artist’s responsibility to notify the PERFORM! Coordinator immediately. A suitable replacement will be assigned by the PERFORM! Coordinator. The artist is not to find a substitute on their own. All artists must be approved by PERFORM!