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Presenting a Performance – Policies and Guidelines

Application Process for the PERFORM! Presents Performance Program

Performance Program

The Performance  Program is a program whereby PERFORM! offers its administrative services to help dance, theatre and choral groups promote their productions to schools across Nova Scotia. It is the intention of PERFORM! to help artists and schools make connections to bring dynamic cultural experiences to the students of Nova Scotia.

Herein the word company refers to: a choir, theatre, dance troupe, and/or individual performer. Dance, theatre, and or choir groups can apply to be a part of PERFORM!’s Performance program if they:

  1. are touring ready- have the ability to transport all necessary equipment, design elements, and persons involved in the show.
  2. are a member in good standing with one of the three Steering Organizations: Dance Nova Scotia, Theatre Nova Scotia, The Nova Scotia Choral Federation
  3. have a completed, rehearsed, and designed age and developmentally appropriate show which engages and excites young audiences about theatre, dance and choral performance
  4. are based in Nova Scotia
  5. have artistic standing in the community.
  6. have an easily reproduced support material package that helps prepare students and teachers for the show they are going to see.
  7. have a press kit that includes background on the individuals involved in the show and the company
  8. are prepared to hold an informative question and answer period at the end of the show.
  9. are prepared to offer a one hour workshop related to the presentation. Fees for workshops are $40/ an hour and are charged directly to the school.

Groups wishing to apply for the program must send:

  1. A short description of the performance (150 words maximum)
  2. List all personnel that will be traveling to schools ( i.e. performers and any technical staff)
  3. State the shows target audience (ie P-6, 7-9, 10-12)
  4. State the region(s) the show is willing to travel to (i.e. HRM Only, Annapolis Valley mainly, all of Nova Scotia)
  5. List all necessary or preferred technical requirements of the school ( i.e. prefer the stage to the gym floor, need an electrical outlet near performance area, etc.)

Applications from performance companies will be reviewed and approval will be decided by the PERFORM! Coordinator in conjunction with the Executive Director of the applicable organization. Any questionable performances will be vetted by the Steering Committee. No performances will be accepted into the program which contain profanity, nudity or are deemed offensive in any way by the Steering Committee.


Artists accepted into the performance program must acknowledge PERFORM! and PERFORM!’s sponsors verbally at the end of the performance.

Artists must acknowledge PERFORM! by displaying the PERFORM! logo in company programs and brochures as well as on company websites.

Performance Payment

The PERFORM! Program will :

  • assist with promotion of the show to the schools through the PERFORM! website
  • collect contracts and the booking fee from schools wishing to have a performance travel to their school
  • cover the cost of the performance company’s travel to and from the school if it is more than 70 km round trip from the performance company’s point of origin
  • pay the Performance Company upon completion of the performance

Payment will be collected by PERFORM! at the time of then school’s booking. The cost of the shows vary and are determined by the Performance Company with the assistance of the PERFORM! Coordinator. Discounts are given for multiple performances in the same day, at the same school.

A administrative fee of $50 per booking will be charged to the presenting company and deducted from the payment issued.

The full booking fee will be paid to the Performance Company upon completion of the performance less the administrative fee noted above. PERFORM! is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the Performance Company in the delivery of the performance. PERFORM! is not responsible for any damage of property or injury of person to the Performance Company’s persons or properties.


The Performance Company agrees to comply with all school rules, local, provincial, and federal laws in respect to the time they are booked into a school for a performance.

All performers or crew involved in the production require a Vulnerable Sector Check and approval from the Child Abuse Registry. You will not be allowed to enter the schools without these approvals. they must be renewed every three years.

The Performance Company agrees to confirm bookings with the PERFORM! Coordinator prior to traveling to any school for a performance. In the event that the Performance Company goes to a school that has cancelled or does not have a booking through the PERFORM! Program, PERFORM! will not be held financially responsible and will not be owing to the Performance Company for any costs incurred.

In the event that a last minute booking occurs (usually arranged by the Performance Company directly) and payment has not yet been received, PERFORM! considers the booking incomplete. If the Performance Company  performs without receipt of payment, PERFORM! will not guarantee that the Performance Company will receive payment. Payment will be issued when the fee has been received from the school.

The Performance Company takes full responsibility for the set up, performance, and packing up of all of the equipment that is used for the show.

The Performance Company agrees to use their best efforts to promote the PERFORM! program and its interests.

PERFORM! is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the Performance Company.

The Performance Company is required to carry all necessary liability insurance in relation to the production. Proof of insurance must be provided to PERFORM! Individual artists who are presenting who are PERFORM! artists and not part of established touring company do not require this insurance. Check with the PERFORM! Coordinator for details.

PERFORM! is not responsible for any damage of property or injury of person to the Performance Company’s persons or properties.

The Performance Company agrees to conduct themselves with the highest professional standards.