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Maeghan Taverner

Meghan Taverner croppedDiscipline: Dance
Specialties: Choreography, Highland Dance, General Dance
Region: Halifax
Languages: English



Maeghan began dancing at the age of 4 and has trained in styles like ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, musical theatre, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, and highland. She has been a provincial representative in Scottish highland dancing for Team Nova Scotia in the ScotDance Canada Championship Series (2012, 2013, and 2017). She is the President and a choreographer for DalDance Society and a current Board Member for Dance Nova Scotia. She also choreographs and is the coach of the Charles P Allen Dance Team. She has completed up to her Advanced 1 Ballet exams in RAD. Maeghan just completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Dalhousie University doing a Combined Honours in Acting (Fountain School of Performing Arts) and Sociology.

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