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  1. Determining Eligibility
    • All public and private schools in Nova Scotia are eligible to participate in PERFORM!. The program is available for grades primary to twelve in French and English and can be booked during the school day or after school.
  2. Select Program
    • There are four available programming options for schools. Descriptions and program details are found on their respective pages.
      • Workshops
      • Performer in Residence projects
      • Performances
      • Christopher Norton MicroMusicals
  3. Application
    • Please review the school policies for participation in the PERFORM! program.
    • Go to the Apply tab and follow the instructions
  4. Payment
    • Once the application is approved the school will be invoiced. The school’s application is not considered confirmed until payment is received.
    • Performer wage for both the workshops and Artist in Residence programs is $40/hour. The school pays only $25 and PERFORM! subsidizes the other $15 as long as subsidies are available.
    • Fees for the MicroMusical Program and the Performances are listed with their descriptions.
  5. Approval of Application
    • Applications are reviewed as they are received. It takes two weeks to confirm approval of a project. Suitable projects are approved on a first come, first served basis as long as subsidy funds are still available.
    • Once an application is approved, a notice of approval is emailed to the applicant with the name and contact information of the performer assigned to the project. It is then up to the Teacher or Principal to contact the performer to arrange times and dates and work out the specifics of the projects.
    • The emailed notice of approval with the invoice to the school serves as the school’s receipt. If you require a hard copy of the receipt, please contact PERFORM! and we will mail one to you.