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The Three Questions

A dance show for young audiences

Watercolour illustration by Jon J Muth

The Three Questions
A dance show for young audiences

Grade Levels: Grades 2 through 8
Duration: 45 min plus 15 min Q&A/Demonstration
Cost: Please contact info@phin.ca for quote specific to the needs of your school
Format: In-person
Booking Dates: May 8-12, June 19-30, and fall 2023
Languages: English and French
Study Guide: Produced for the book The Three Questions by the Critical Thinking Consortium: https://tc2.ca/pdf/The3Questions.pdf

Workshops available by arrangement, at an additional cost:
Creative Animals grades P-2
Creative Movement grades 3-5
Express Dance (movement composition) grades 3-8
Improvisation grades 6-8
Theatre Production grades 6-8

The Three Questions, Based on the illustrated story by Jon J Muth.
Brought gently to life through expressive dance, imaginative scenery, and sensitive narration, The Three Questions is the story of a thoughtful child’s journey towards compassion and living in the present moment.

About Phin Performing Arts:
Dance uplifts, entertains, inspires, grows community spirit, and fosters creativity in all aspects of life. Founded in 2010, Phin Performing Arts is a contemporary dance performance company dedicated to creating moving dance and multi-disciplinary works for the stage, and providing education in the movement arts.

About Lisa Phinney Langley, choreographer:
Lisa Phinney Langley is a Kjipuktuk/Halifax-based choreographer, dancer, and educator with degrees in physics and atmospheric science.  Her curiosity and quest for fundamental beauty and common truths has taken her through dance improvisation to quantum physics to environmental science to abstract art to family life (and back!). After completing professional dance education in Toronto and embarking on a performing career that took her across eastern Canada performing and teaching, Lisa returned to her hometown to form Mocean Dance in the early 2000s.  Since then she has created several full-evening and shorter works for the stage and alternative venues through Phin Performing Arts which she created in 2010 to support the development and dissemination of her choreographic work. Lisa has delivered movement education through the Perform! NS program since 2018, and delights in giving young people the opportunity to discover themselves through movement, and inspiring audiences through the magic of performance.

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