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Marielle Duranteau

Marielle promo pic 1 Discipline: Dance
Specialties: African Dance (with Mohamed Duranteau)
Region: Halifax
Languages: English, French



Marielle Duranteau (née Comeau) is from Clare, Nova Scotia and has been dancing since the age of five. Marielle has studied various forms of dance for almost 10 years before discovering African dance during her participation in the international exchange program Canada World Youth in 2002. This exchange program brought her to Benin where she studied music, the art of tapestry and djembe construction.

Upon her return to Canada, she began to study dance from West Africa in Halifax. In her second year of studying African dance, Marielle traveled to Europe and took West African dance classes in places such as Ireland, England, France and Spain.

In 2005, Marielle moved to Victoria, BC, and shortly thereafter traveled to Guinea under the direction of N’nato Camara. It is here that Marielle studied traditional Guinean dance and music with members of the prestigious Tayeli Ballet and it is here that she met Mohamed André Duranteau.

Marielle returned to Victoria, followed closely by Mohamed in April 2007 and the couple married shortly after. Since then, they have shared and taught their knowledge and love of Guinean dance and music with students and spectators across Canada. The couple, along with their son Sekouba, now reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia since September 2018.

marielle promo photo 2Marielle Duranteau est née à Clare, en Nouvelle-Écosse. Elle danse depuis l’âge de cinq ans et a étudié diverses formes de danse pendant plusieurs années avant de découvrir la danse traditionnelle de la Guinée en 2002.

Depuis, Marielle a étudié la danse de Afrique de l’Ouest à Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Montréal, Seattle et en Europe.

 En 2005, Marielle a quitté Halifax pour s’établir à Victoria, avant de se rendre en Guinée sous la direction de N’nato Camara. C’est ici que Marielle a étudié la danse et la musique traditionnelles de la Guinée avec des membres du prestigieux Ballet Tayeli et c’est ici qu’elle a rencontré son futur mari, Mohamed André Duranteau.

 Depuis lors, le couple a fondé une compagnie de danse Wontanara Percussions & Danse, par laquelle ils partagent et enseignent la danse et la musique guinéenne à leurs étudiants et à des spectateurs à travers le Canada. Le couple a déménagé à Halifax en septembre 2018 et ils sont ravis d’être ici!