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Welcome teachers! There are a number of ways that your school can benefit from using the PERFORM! Program. 

  • Apply to have a professional performer teach your students for a particular project or workshop
  • Apply to have a professional performer work with your students in a residency for a longer period over your school year
  • Book a performance to come to your school either in person or virtually
  • Request the one week intensive Christopher Norton MicroMusical Program to come to your school

PERFORM! keeps it affordable for you by subsidizing a third of the Artist’s wage for workshops and residencies and covering travel for all activities no matter where you are in Nova Scotia!
Deadline for applications: Anytime! Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

Subsidies:  On approved workshops and residencies, the $50 per hour artist fees are subsidized by PERFORM! at a rate of $20 per hour so the cost to the schools is only $30 per hour, until subsidies run out for the year. On Presentations, travel and accommodation subsidies cover all travel and accommodation expenses. 

ADDITIONAL SUBSIDIES: If your school is particularly financially challenged, please contact the PERFORM Coordinator at coordinator[at]performns.ca for details on additional subsidies for workshops or performances. We will do whatever we can to assist making your desired activity possible. WE DO NOT WANT ANY STUDENT TO MISS OUT DUE TO FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS. 

Scheduling: Applying one month in advance of activity is recommended. There is a two week turnaround for approval of applications. Once approved, scheduling can require some planning with the Artist.