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Jack and the Beanstalk/Jacques et le haricot magique

Presented by Maritime Marionettes

MM - JAck and the Beanstock

  • Grade Levels: Appropriate for all ages, recommended for elementary school
  • Duration: 50 min. with optional question and answer period
  • Cost: $700 + HST for one show, $1200 + HST for two
  • Booking Dates: Available on request during the school season
  • Languages: English and French
  • Study Guide: Available here in PDF format

Workshops available by special arrangement:

  • Introduction to Puppetry for grades 3 and up (1 hr, max 3 per day)
  • Marionette Making for grades 5 and up (2.5 – 3 hrs, 1 per day)

Please contact coordinator[at]performns.ca for more details.

It all begins when Jack trades his cow to a mysterious traveler for some magic beans. But Jack’s mother, not believing they are magical, throws the beans to the ground.

That night, the beans grow into a stalk that towers high in the sky. Curious, Jack climbs the beanstalk where he discovers a huge castle, home to a greedy giant who delights in treasures he has stolen. Among his favorite treasures are a hen that lays golden eggs, and a beautiful singing harp that lulls him to sleep until he begins to snore like thunder.

While the Giant sleeps, Jack runs off with the hen and the harp. The cries of the harp awaken the Giant, who chases Jack. Jack scurries to the bottom of the beanstalk and chops it to the ground before the surprised Giant can follow him home. This lighthearted presentation is for all ages and features marionettes, shadow puppets, music, and storytelling. The story reminds us to appreciate what we have, and that it is how big we are on the inside that matters most of all.

Maritime Marionettes have gained an international reputation for their artistic excellence and high quality family entertainment in Canada and abroad since 1986. Heather and Darryll Taylor are two gifted puppeteers who give their audiences an opportunity to experience a unique and ancient art form. The Taylors bring traditional and original stories to life with exquisitely made and skilfully manipulated wooden marionettes. The company creates its productions from concept to finished product, including fashioning the marionettes and creating sets, props and costumes for every show.

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